Editing, Editing, More Editing

I often feel as if the process of editing is never going to be done.  Just when I think that a story is about as good as it gets, I get some feedback that maybe this isn’t right, or that isn’t right, but not how to fix it.  Of course, nothing in life comes easy.  Everything is a process, and the more you work and fix and tweak, the better something is and the better it will be next time too.

It would be nice to have my own dedicated editor, helping me fix things and pointing me in the right direction.  Since I don’t have that, I’ll have to research and read until I get it right, just like my long and frustrating process with query letters.

Here’s my advice for the editing process.  Keep at it.  Take frequent breaks.  Drink iced beverages.  Get out of the house into a new environment (yelp is a great way to find a local coffee shop).  For those of you who’d like some instruction on the actual, you know, editing process, I’ve included a few good links.  Good luck, and happy writing!




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