Writing Prompt- The Holidays

The holidays are approaching for most religions.  Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Pagan, or something else entirely, the holiday season is probably approaching for you.  (Unless you’re an atheist, but most of them celebrate Christmas anyway.)  So, with the holidays approaching, here comes your weekly writing prompt.

Write a story or journal entry about a time when you or your character went home for the holidays.  If you’re doing a journal entry, you can either do a Christmas past or a story about what might happen this holiday season.  If you’re working on a character, is the story more “Christmas Vacation” or more “A Christmas Carol?”

Your story can be funny, sweet, horrific, or set in a different time or place.  The holidays say a lot about a character and who he or she spends their time with.  It’s a great time to get different characters together (maybe even characters who wouldn’t be caught dead with one another at a different time of the year) and let your imagination run wild.

Happy writing!


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