Friday Writing Prompt- Holiday Dinner

Think back to the group you normally spend the holidays with.  Now pick a few characters from movies and/ or books and put them at your dinner table.  Set the scene.  Does the Terminator slurp Grandma’s gravy?  Do the kids take turns shining light on Edward Cullen to make him sparkly?  Do you have to watch the holiday ham so that Garfield doesn’t eat it?

Let your imagination go wild and have fun!

On a fun note, if I could have any characters over for dinner, I’d want Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride and Prejudice), The Joker (from the Dark Knight), Bridget Jones (from the book and movie Bridget Jones’s Diary), Davan (from the online comic Something Positive), and Hazel (from the online comic Girls With Slingshots).  Based on my picks, it looks like I’m looking for chaos this year instead of a quiet, intelligent holiday dinner!


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