All Things Christmas

Last year, I did a Top 10 Christmas movies list. I’m providing the link here, as I can’t improve on it.

It occurred to me that other than Charles Dickens’s Scrooge, there really aren’t any other well-known Christmas books. In fact, I couldn’t come up with that many. Here are my top 5.

1. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson- This is a classic for a reason, and short read. If you’ve never read it, I recommend it. If you have, it won’t hurt you to re-read it!

2. The Christmas List by Richard Paul Evans- A rich man is reported dead by mistake, and he returns to find his fiance, not mourning him, but cleaning him out. He has his secretary make a list of the people he’s most wronged so that he can take another look at his life.

3. The Nine Lives of Christmas by Sheila Roberts- This is just a really nice story told from the dual points of the cat and the humans. Ambrose is on his last life, and is in a precarious position with a dog. He makes a prayer that he’ll be a better cat if he gets just one more chance. He gets his chance, and has to bring two humans together who don’t know what’s good for them.

4.The Gift: All I Want for Christmas and Home For Christmas by Nora Roberts- This book has two novels in one, and they’re both good romance stories a la Nora Roberts.

5. Mr. Murder by Dean Koontz- I know what you’re thinking… Mr. Murder? Trust me, it’s a Christmas story, and features the wonderful story-poem “Santa’s Evil Twin.” It’s a must read mystery/ adventure/ science fiction/ family book for the holidays.

That’s my list. So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas Eve. I expect a post from the TV Guy tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy your day!


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