Losing the Morning

Books are treacherous for me, as bad as quicksand.  I get up in the morning, all set to have a productive day.  I plan to read a chapter, maybe two, over breakfast.  But, the author ends the chapter in such a way that I have to read just one more.  Then just one more.  Until I’ve lost the morning.

It’s a skill I try to bring to my writing.  I had a friend who was just starting out with writing ask me when you’re supposed to make a chapter stop.  My answer?  Wherever it’s going to make the most impact.  Wherever it will force your reader to keep going for “just one more chapter.”  As writers, we want our readers to be so engrossed that like me, they lose the morning.

I’m going to go get some stuff done now.  But first, I’m going to read just one more chapter.  Honest.


2 comments on “Losing the Morning

  1. cheryl says:

    really did you put down that book in time to get stuff done?

  2. doreeweller says:

    Well, I did. But then I made the mistake of picking it back up before I finished all the things I wanted to get done. Oops! I’ve finished the book now so I intend to get my work done before I pick up a new book.

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