My Year In Review

I look back on this year, and I have to say that 2011 was the best year I’ve had in awhile.  The great things about this year were that I’ve had the same job all year, I’ve been out of college (yay!) with my degree in hand, no one got sick or died, and I learned more about writing.

Overall, I didn’t get nearly as much writing done as I wanted to.  There was always too much to do and too little time.  However, I think I made some improvements to my writing that will help me when I get back on track.

Nothing profound happened this year.  I found out a little bit more about myself and am getting to know myself again.  This year was good for me because it lacked drama and truly memorable events.  I’ve had waaaaaaaay too many of those in the years that came before this one.  My biggest hope for 2012 is that I continue the trend of lack of memorability and drama.

That being said, I do have goals for 2012.  I don’t want to call them resolutions.  I don’t do well with absolutes, and a resolution feels too much like a commitment.  Goals are works in progress, and that’s what I’d rather work toward.

Here are my goals for 2012:

1.  More writing- I keep saying it, but I’m still working on it.  I need to set aside more time to write.

2.  Keep up with the healthy eating and exercise- I’d be lying if I said I don’t want to lose weight, so I won’t say it.  What I will say is that if I keep up with the way I’m eating now and keep notching up the exercise (I just bought my first pair of running shoes), I should be able to do meet all of these goals.

3.  Relax more- I don’t do relaxing well.  If I’m not doing something, I feel lazy.  Instead of being go-go-go all this year, I want to make sure that I take a week at home to vacation.  I also want to take a weekend away, not so far that I have to spend my time driving, but just enough to get away.

4.  Stretch- Being someone who likes to go-go-go, I’m not very good at slowing down to stretch.  I’ll do it, but it’s more of a perfunctory stretching, just long enough to say I did it.  I’m going to start yoga classes in January, and in the meantime, I’m going to dedicate 10 minutes at a time (not every day, because that’s not going to happen) to stretching and doing it correctly.  I’d prefer not to get benched from running because I’ve had a minor injury again.

5.  Survive the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse- I just figure it should go on any responsible to do list.  It can’t hurt, right?

Whatever you decide to do next year- resolutions, goals, or just ideas, I wish you safety, happiness, and dreams.  No matter what else you have or don’t have, everyone should have dreams.


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