Tucker and Dale vs Evil- Watch It Now!

As you can probably tell by my title, I recently watched Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and I have to say, it was one of the best horror/ comedies I’ve seen in awhile.

I love horror movies, but I usually find them to be funny, whether they’re supposed to be or not.  C’mon now!  The hot chick ran up to the second floor screaming?  We know the guy in the mask is going to “find” her.  He’s not stupid just because he’s trying to kill her.  People post on Facebook when they’re cooking dinner or using the bathroom.  Okay, you can’t get to your phone… can you Facebook that there’s an ax murderer in the house?

So, “horror” movies usually make me laugh.  I’ve found a few really good, really scary ones, but those are few and far between.  Tucker and Dale vs Evil made me laugh.  On purpose.  It took a lot of horror movie conventions and made fun of them.

A group of college kids go camping for the weekend.  In the convenience store before they get into the woods, they encounter a couple of rednecks who look a little dirty and creepy.  The college kids (hot chicks included) decide that they must be serial killers.  When they decide to go skinny dipping later that night (cliche!), one of the girls hits her head and would have drowned if Tucker and Dale hadn’t saved her.  They take her back to their cabin so that her friends can come get her.

In the meantime, the friends decide to rescue her, and decide not to get the police (cliche!).  Hilarity ensues as the friends meet with freak accidents.  I really recommend this movie.  It’s funny, well enough written to keep me engaged, with fun characters.  Plus, I really love Alan Tudyk, and he plays one of the rednecks.  Tyler Labine kind of steals the show as Dale, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for comedies he appears in.

Grab some popcorn and settle in and watch the show.


One comment on “Tucker and Dale vs Evil- Watch It Now!

  1. Bobby Trendy says:

    This movie was absolutely scrumptious! Alan Tudyk in his over-alls is just to die for! 😛

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