My New Kindle

I got an Amazon Kindle for Christmas.

Those of you who’ve been readers for a while know that I’m not keen to switch to ebooks.  I’ve actually blogged about how in my opinion, paper books will never become obsolete.  There’s nothing like picking up a book and hearing the crackle of pages, smelling the paper and glue, feeling the weight of the book.

I do like that my new Kindle is light.  Pretty much lighter than most paperbacks I own.  The screen really is as good as everyone says.  It looks like a real book page, and I can see how it will be pretty easy on the eyes.

There are good things about the Kindle.  I can carry an infinite number of books with me without having to worry about how heavy my bag gets.  (And oh yes, it does get heavy fast).  I can borrow and lend books with friends from faraway.  I definitely see the utility in it.

However, there are drawbacks.  You can’t pass down a beloved book, pages crinkled and stained, cover torn and bent to a loved one.  You can’t see the stain on p.43 and remember how you were so engrossed in the book that you dropped a blob of your fat free blueberry yogurt  on the page (or your ketchup covered fry… whichever).

Either way, it should help my goal of NOT buying every book I’m interested in.  My library continues to grow.  One of these days I’m going to have to buy a house to contain my book collection…


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