Saturday Night Live?

by The TV Guy

Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame was the guest host of another mediocre parody of what once was something good. Lana Del Rey performed… yeah I didn’t know who she was either. She started singing and I thought it was a another poorly executed bit. She reminds me of  a really bad lounge singer. I will not get nostalgic as the past was not always great but recently it has been all down hill for the sketch comedy show that one reigned supreme.

I want to laugh again at this show that at one time brought me so much joy. I still watch almost out of duty, hoping that the next week will bring a skit that makes me laugh from deep down in my stomach. Yet to no avail, I wait with bated breath that soon I again will love this show.

Sad to say I will continue to watch. Fingers crossed it gets better.


One comment on “Saturday Night Live?

  1. Yes.. I miss the old Saturday Night Live myself.. on the off chance I was up late as a kid, I was forbidden to watch Akroyd and Belushi.
    Even late with Myers and Carvey were great days.
    I find that the guests on the show are funnier than the current cast.

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