Explanations for Things That Bother Me A Lot

I often wonder why relatively intelligent people choose to dumb down their text messages.  Things that they probably wouldn’t email end up in text message form.  “How r u” with no punctuation.  “Wat r u up 2?”  I admit it.  I love good grammar and spelling.  I’m not going to lie… sometimes I spell things wrong.  I’ve even used the wrong “your-you’re” once or twice in my life.  We all make mistakes.  But by and large, I try to keep all my communication up to my own high standards.

I try not to judge others, but it’s difficult for me.  Are we really so busy that cutting out four letters and question mark saves that much time?  I’m probably reading waaaaay too much into this, but I’m a writer, that’s what we (okay, I) do.

So, I recently found explanations to those very questions.  Hold your horses, because this blog explains it all.  Take the time you saved cutting out those four letters and a question mark to read this blog.  I promise, u wont regret it

Okay, just kidding.  Let’s try that again.  I promise, you won’t regret it.  I can go on with my day now.



2 comments on “Explanations for Things That Bother Me A Lot

  1. ha! I love this.. and I read the link.. that post was awesome “the alots” .. 😀

    Thanks, Doree!

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