“…In the Midst of Living.”

I love quotes.  I have quotes printed and posted all over my office wall, in my journal, and stored in my cranium.  I often take a quote and use it as a personal journal prompt.  I read a quote this morning, and had to share it:

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.”— Anais Nin

Oh, how true!  I can’t tell you how often I’ve been doing something– anything other than writing– and the idea for a “great” story has popped into my head.  When I stare at my computer screen and wait for ideas, they don’t come.  All that happens is that I get frustrated and end up doing something else.

I believe that writing takes discipline, determination, and a great love of words, but maybe I’ve been going about my discipline and determination in an unnecessarily difficult way.  Maybe forcing myself to sit in a room in front of my computer is not the way to go.

When I want to sit down to write, I’m going to take my laptop out of my house.  Anywhere out of my house, even if it’s just my back porch.

It’s sort of gloomy today here in Arizona.  It’s warm, about 60 here on my back porch, but cloudy and overcast.  Still, there’s a bird flitting around in my orange jubilee.  One of my dogs is whining because she won’t bring me the ball, and I won’t chase her to throw it for her.  My other dog is guarding our perimeter, making sure that nothing interferes with our safety.  It’s quiet.  There are no dogs barking and no children shouting, but the quiet doesn’t have the same quality it does inside my house.  It’s a more active quiet.

It’s great to be here.  What inspires you?

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