NBC is not quite dead yet….

by The TV Guy
So for those of you who don’t venture too far up the cable dial, you are missing out on some funny TV. Chelsea Handler has been doing a little show on E! for the last few years that includes other comedians commenting on news of the day. And she interviews people… but that isn’t the funny part.
This is where I first saw Whitney Cummings and found her pointed, glib humor to be right up my comedic alley. Now Whitney has come to NBC with a sitcom with the whole self naming convention that I find annoying. I have looked beyond the name because I enjoy the show, now on Wednesday nights 8/7c. The sitcom itself is not unique but she is funny and the stories are not too redundant as to almost seem newish.
Now back to Chelsea, who follows Whitney with a show that also has her name in it but she doesn’t play herself but plays her older sister. The executives felt that the red head from That 70’s Show, Laura Prepon, would make a more alluring “younger” actor to play Chelsea.  I am big fan of Chelsea Handler and I hope that this show hits but the first episode left me flat. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, Whitney is the co-creator of Two Broke Girls, currently airing on CBS.  Check your local listings.

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