Bad 2011 Wear Good Inspiration For Future

When it comes to fashion, I’m a simple kind of girl.  I don’t own anything designer (and am too cheap to pay those prices even if I wanted that stuff).  I love my jeans and T-shirts, and when I talk T-shirts, I own many different varieties of black tees.  I do own a pair or two of heels, but I got them at Famous Footwear.  Most of the time, I just wear my Converse All Stars.

I am interested in fashion, in the same way it’s hard to look away from an accident.  In my less-than-knowledgeable opinion, most of the stars do okay.  It’s those high-fashion runway shows that hold my attention in the same way that most people can’t look away from accidents.  Even the models don’t look good in that stuff!  If a size zero with professional hair and makeup can’t make it work, no way it would look good on anyone else!

However, high fashion does present us with an interesting opportunity.  If you’re a sci-fi writer, it’s interesting to take a look at the trends and get creative with what people might be wearing in the future.  With that in mind, I present you with a link to some of the worst fashions of 2011.  Enjoy the train wreck!


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