Hope, A Tragedy- Book Review

Hope, A Tragedy, is a new book by Shalom Auslander.  First off, I’ve got to say… I’m not sure if I liked it or not.

The premise of the book is that a Jewish man, his wife, child,and mother move into an old farmhouse in the country.  One night, the man, Kugel, goes up to the attic to investigate a funny noise, and finds Anne Frank living in his attic.  She’s old, she’s cranky, and she won’t move out until she’s finished her novel.  He doesn’t want to kick her out, because how would it look to the neighbors?

The book was meant to be irreverent and funny, and at times, it is.  However, mostly the book just comes off as 304 pages of philosophy.  I did like several points the book makes, in its own sly manner.  It reminds us that the point of remembering history is to learn from it, not to abuse it.

In any case, I sort of recommend this book.  This book is best read along with a friend or book club so that you can discuss it.  It’s not a book I’d say to read for the sheer joy of reading, but it is an interesting book.

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