Friday Writing Prompt- Internet Down!

I’m sorry my blog was dark yesterday, but my internet was down.  I get by okay when it’s down, but it reminds me how far technology has come.

I’m in my mid-thirties, and when I was a kid, we had a computer.  It was a Commodore 64, and then a 128.  Growing up, I played a few computer games, and my dad did early “chat” with a friend on Q-link, but I didn’t really see the big draw in computers.

Flash forward to college.  I was forced to use a computer, at least to write papers.  In my senior year, we started doing some research in the Internet.  I still didn’t get the big deal, even though I liked writing on computers and liked email.  Over the years, I’ve developed a deep love of my computer.  Now I’m on it more often than I’m not, when I’m home, at least.

Yesterday, when my internet was down, it wasn’t a huge tragedy, but it was inconvenient and just… different.

So… today’s writing prompt: Write a journal entry (or story) about your (or your character’s) evolving relationship with technology.  No matter what your (or your character’s age), at the rate technology evolves, something has changed.  Even in the last 10 years, iPhones, texting, Netflix, and the iTunes music store have all changed the face of technology.  How has it changed your life?


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