Dragon Dictation

A friend recently told me about Dragon Dictation, a cool app from the Apple app store that actually does voice recognition typing pretty well.

I have about a million stories from when I was a kid, written on my old Brother electronic typewriter.  I often used heat transfer paper to type them.  Now, I know those old stories aren’t going to win me any awards, and the writing is terrible, but I want to keep them around for posterity.

A long time ago, I had an idea to transcribe them by voice typing, but the old voice typing program I had required me to read pages and pages of text so that it could learn my voice.  Dragon Dictation isn’t like that.  You talk, it types.  Of course, it isn’t completely without mistakes, but it’s pretty accurate.

If you like the idea of “telling” a story instead of “writing” one, this might be for you.  If nothing else, the app is free, and you might find a use for it later on down the line.



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