I mostly hate elevators.  I hate being squeezed in there with all those people I don’t know.  I hate the weird noises some of the older ones make.  I hate the bizarre weight limits and the limits for numbers of people.  I was in an elevator the other day that would only have fit 4 people if they were willing to get to know one another *really* well, and the sign on the elevator said “limit 15 people”!

I used to take the steps rather than the elevator in almost every situation.  Twenty two flights?  In heels?  No problem!  I’m not kidding either… once upon a time, I was really that neurotic.  These days I just close my eyes and hope I don’t die a lot.  I will, however, still take the stairs if the elevator is just too crowded.

What brought all this to mind?  Pictures of really awesome elevators.  I know I just did a picture post the other day, but these are too cool not to share.  Of the 8 elevators listed, I’ve actually ridden in one of them.  The last one listed is the inclinator inside the Luxor in Las Vegas.  It rises diagonally, and is a really awesome feeling.  You can tell that you’re going sideways, and I remember my body not knowing quite what that sensation was.  All of the ones pictured look pretty awesome, but I’d like to try riding in the Aquadom in Germany.

Here’s the link for the pictures.




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