Poetry and Me

When I was a teenager, I wrote tons of angst-driven poetry.  I was emo before there was a word for it.  I dressed in black, took myself waaaaay too seriously, wrote poetry, and figured that no one could possibly understand me.  I would have really loved Twilight back then.

But I digress.

As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t written as much poetry.  Part of it is that I believe that poetry (at least for me) is primarily emotion driven.  And though I have good times and bad times, I’m not driven and controlled by my emotions the way I once was.

I used to love reading poetry as well.  Shakespeare’s sonnets, Emily Dickenson, Yeats, Wordsworth… it didn’t matter.  And I didn’t have to understand it.  It was the language and the emotion that spoke directly to me.

I haven’t read poetry in years and I’m not sure why.  I guess part of it was that I was at a different time in my life.  I’m not big on forcing myself to read things, though I occasionally do read things that are “good” for me.

It occurs to me that my love of quotes may stem from my old love of poetry.  Quotes are almost like mini-poems.  In any case, I recently heard about www.poets.org, and I decided to subscribe.  They send you a poem a day, and I can’t think of a better way to perhaps re-ignite my old love of poetry.  If not, I just unsubscribe, and no harm done.

What made me think of all this is that they have part of a poem posted on their website:

It was late, late in the evening,

The lovers they were gone;

The clocks had ceased their chiming,

And the deep river ran on.

From “As I walked Out One Evening” by W.H. Auden

I don’t have to read the rest of the poem to know that I love it.  But of course I looked it up, and the whole thing makes me feel those same feelings I did when I fell in love with poetry as a teen.

Here’s a link to the poem if you’re interested in reading it in its entirety. http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15551


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