Advice on Love

Wanna see a train wreck?  Well, I have the next best thing!  I read an article on bad dating tips, and they’re so bad, they read like satire.  Though I did get a really important dating tip that I’d totally use if I weren’t married.  In fact, I might just get divorced so I can try it.  What is it?  I know, you’re dying to know.  Ready… be a geisha.  Yes, learn from the geishas.  

You know, I don’t think geisha-ing is a good fit for me.  If I’m going to be a quiet entertainer with odd face paint, I’m thinking a mime would be better.  And everyone wants to date a mime.  Right?

There are other wonderful pieces of advice in this article, and it’s so bad, you have to read it.  I feel like there’s a story in this article somewhere; I’m just not sure where it is yet.  Enjoy!


2 comments on “Advice on Love

  1. Wow! I won’t be using any of that advice! Thanks for posting, Doree. 🙂

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