Friday Writing Prompt- Why We Broke Up

Today’s Friday prompt is about break ups.  I wrote a review last week of Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up.  Like Min, I’m sure we’d all like to write a letter to an ex, but most of us just never bothered.  Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee (or it was mutual), I’m sure you still have something to say.  Our relationships form us, good and bad, and once they’re over, we may say we’ve forgotten, but they’re part of us forever.

So, the actual writing prompt:  Write a letter as you (or your character) to a former love.  Explain why you (or your character broke up).  Any regrets?  Anything you (or your character) wanted to say and didn’t?  Any secrets to let out of the bag now?

In case you love your letter and want to post it, you do have the opportunity to submit it.  The Why We Broke Up project is still going on, and I’ve included the link below.


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