When the potential for greatness is Wasted……

by The TV Guy

Lindsay Lohan hosted Saturday Night Live last night. Her monologue played on her problematic past with the criminal justice system. When she stepped off the stage an alarm and lights went off. Kristen Wiig of Bridesmaids fame did a pat down on Lindsay, another lame play on her recent past, including a jab at her short lived experiment with lesbianism.  Lindsay played to her “strengths”, her continual problems with the law. After a bit based on Scared Straight where she plays herself it really was all down hill.

She really isn’t very good; it it seems like she missed rehearsal most of the week. She struggled with her lines and it was emotionally painful for this viewer. I suppose everyone deserves a second chance but when we get to third, fourth and fifth chances, we may want to rethink our empathy.

She was once quite the little actress with a reputation for hard work and quality. Now she is merely a botox and cologen filled shell of what she once was.


One comment on “When the potential for greatness is Wasted……

  1. So sad what has happened to her… I almost feel like they out her on there to make an ass out of her..

    I really hope she gets her act together..

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