I Drink The Green Kool-Aid… And Like It!

By The TV Guy

As time has gone ahead, I was unable or unwilling to embrace Apple products. Having made my living within the world of Microsoft, I was unable to embrace the other companies technology. So often I had heard, “well they are for school children and artist types.” I stood beside the many nay sayers and chimed right on in beside them.

Upon purchase of my first iPad, I have had to return my Microsoft decoder ring; that’s ok it only worked about 30% of the time anyway. I purchased a gently used IPad 2 and I do believe this is the final step in my conversion. I have drunk the kool-aid and join the many minions of others who were converted before me. I have found what all the ruckus has been about all these years. It works every time, with no heavy training like the world I had accepted as my technological reality. No longer must I cajole the operating system to recognize the same thing it had recognized hundreds of time before. No more waiting to boot up, no more frustrating minutes that become hours of waiting I will never get back. I can now do what I want, when I want and I know that it will work. The fact is that this the technology I have been waiting for all these years.


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