Season Finales Bring Me Sadness

It is with great sadness that I bid another season of The Walking Dead adieu until fall.  With great characters, an interesting plot, and plenty of conflict, my Mondays (we got the season pass from iTunes and watched the next day) will be just a little bit emptier.

I know that sounds dramatic, but I really do get sad when a season ends.  It took me weeks to get over Dexter Season 5 ending.  We watch Dexter when the entire season is released, so I won’t be seeing Season 6 for another few months.

If you haven’t seen the season finale of the Walking Dead, consider yourself warned: below are spoilers!

I’m not sure how I feel about this season finale.  On one hand, I’m excited for some of the foreshadowing as to what will happen next season.  Some of the plotlines in the graphic novels may have a chance to show themselves, which promises to be interesting.  Michonne (the hooded figure with the kitana swords) is a character I was hoping would appear at some point.

I’m disappointed in Rick, and am hoping that his breakdown at the end of the episode was an inevitable result of too much stress and having to kill his best friend.  Lori, in her typical selfish fashion, was not supportive when Rick confessed all to her.  I’ve seen other blog posts in which people cut Lori some slack for her reaction; after all, she had real feelings for Shane.  Well, I’ve been defending Lori all season, and I’m a little tired of it now.  Rick needed her support and didn’t get it.

Daryl continues to be my favorite character on the show, which I find funny as he wasn’t in the graphic novels (at least not up through #8).  Daryl does what needs to be done.  He’s moody, but doesn’t ask for anything from anyone.  When Daryl chooses a side, you can count on him to stick to it.

I just wish there were some stronger/ more likable female characters.  I don’t particularly like Lori… less every episode, in fact.  Andrea is too reckless for my taste, like even though she is no longer suicidal, she’s still rapidly careening toward self-destruction.  Carol is still grieving for Sophia, though she was always a quiet character anyway, just wanting to be a mom and quietly supportive.  Maggie has potential to be a good strong character; I’m anxious to see how she develops.  With Michonne coming on board and the main setting changing, I anticipate next season being less about character building (which a lot of people complained about, but I liked) and more action packed.

Here’s to next season!  Cheers!


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