Writing Prompt- Look Around

I’m currently in San Francisco at the American Counseling Association conference, and today we rode the Bart around town to get familiar with it. While we rode the subway, I looked around. It amazed me how many people sat, staring into space. What were they thinking about? Finances? Work? Relationships? Were they thinking of nothing? Taking micro naps?

I realized that I’m usually the person buried in my iPhone or reading a book. I don’t look around. I don’t eavesdrop.

So, with that long intro, here’s today’s writing prompt… Go to a public place and observe. Write a journal entry about what thoughts and feelings it triggers, if any. Do you look around like that often? Ever? Why or why not?

If you prefer a fiction prompt, pick a person and make up a story about him/her/them. Why are they there? What are they doing/ thinking/ talking about?

Happy writing!



One comment on “Writing Prompt- Look Around

  1. I tend to look around often…..it’s fun! πŸ˜€ I get a lot of ideas..

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