5:30 am

I’m not a morning person. I can get up in the morning, for a specific purpose. I can even seem chipper and almost human. I just refuse to like it.

I’ve been in San Francisco for the last few days at a counseling conference, but we’ve been staying across the way in Oakland.

Morning one, the alarm clock went off at 5:30 am. I didn’t set it, nor did my friend. Whether they did it by accident or design, I momentarily hated the last traveler in my room.

Last night, I made sure the alarm was off. I snuggled into bed, when the sounds and smells of a party next door hit me. Someone pounded at the other room’s door what seed like every 5 minutes. I eventually fell asleep, only to be woken at 5:30 by the hotel emergency alarm! We evacuated the hotel. At 5:30. In the rain.

Luckily, it was a false alarm, and we were all herded back in just a few minutes later.

These were not the types of adventures I’d hoped to have in California. It’s okay though… Laugh at my expense. I’ll be laughing too once I have a couple gallons of coffee.


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