D is for Duck Tape

Recently, I decided that I need a new wallet, one that can fit into my pocket.  While I’m at work, I can’t carry a purse and end up leaving it in our work van.  I don’t really like being separated from my wallet like that, and I decided I should get a plain old bifold.  I don’t have to keep all my store cards, etc in it.  Just a few dollars, my driver’s license, and one or two other things.

When I started hunting ebay and etsy for a wallet, I couldn’t find anything that caught my eye.

Until I saw the duck tape wallet.

It was plain silver, but I remembered seeing colored duck tape at Walmart and wishing I had something to use it for.  Now I’ve found it!  Behold my new duck tape wallet!

I love my new wallet!  It’s durable and pretty.  You do realize that this isn’t the last wallet I’m going to make, don’t you?  Beware… if you decide to try it, it is addictive!

These are the directions I used.  They’re a little confusing, but it got the job done.  My next goal is to do a better job with the credit card pockets.


2 comments on “D is for Duck Tape

  1. This is so awesome! A Duck Tape Wallet! Very clever..

  2. tara tyler says:

    my son made duck tape wallets for a school sale & did very well!
    we love duck tape around here =)

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