G is For The Glad Game

Pollyanna, by Eleanor H Porter is one of my all time favorite books. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the glad game, it came about when Pollyanna’s father received a charity package, and instead of the doll she wanted, there were crutches. They decided that Pollyanna could be happy for the crutches because she didn’t need them.

It’s an attitude more than mere optimism or gratitude. The glad game is a way of turning any situation around to see it in a positive light. Short of death or illness of you or a loved one, this can be used in almost any situation.

It takes practice, and people don’t always like others having positive attitudes. More than once I’ve had people get irritated with me when I refuse to think negatively about something!

I’m not saying we should all be Pollyannas, because even I can say it would make the world a more annoying place! At the same time, couldn’t we all use a little more happiness? Glass half full or glass half empty is often a choice. The fact is that the glass has exactly the same amount of liquid no matter how we choose to see it.

2 comments on “G is For The Glad Game

  1. I have been on both sides of the “positive thinking” fence. I have been down and gotten annoyed with someone who was trying to cheer me up (grr!!). On the other hand, I have been the upbeat one in a negative situation.

    Great post, Doree!

  2. Francene says:

    I absolutely love the book as a child. I seemed to be born with a positive attitude and no bad situation deters me for seeing the benefit of a tumble.


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