P is for Popcorn

As far as I’m concerned, popcorn is a food group in and of itself.  It’s great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack.  I like it plain, with butter, butter and salt, cheese, cheese and chocolate chips… The possibilities are endless.

Today’s post is not going to be me rhapsodizing about popcorn (though I could… it’s that wonderful), but about all my favorite things beginning with the letter “P.”  Because, why not?

1.  Popcorn- We covered this.

2.  Purple- Actually, my two favorite colors are blue and purple, but because blue begins with a “B,” it doesn’t get special mention.

3.  Pajamas- The weirder, the better.  Once in awhile, it’s great to spend the day in pajamas.  My pet peeve (two P’s!) is people who go out in public in pajamas.  Okay, you’re sick and need cough medicine… it’s understandable.  But you really needed to shop at Walmart in PJ’s?  Not very classy, people… oh wait, they’re shopping at Walmart.  My bad.

4.  Poetry- I don’t like poetry I have to analyze.  I love Edgar Allen Poe, William Wordsworth, Elizabeth Bishop, Emily Dickinson, and Yeats.  Want a poem every day?  Go to www.poets.org

5.  Pansies, petunias, primroses, poppies  (They’re all flowers, FYI.  I love flowers!)

6.  Personalities- I find that many people seem to be lacking this essential quality.  Don’t be dull!  Find a personality today!

7.  Puppies- If you don’t know why puppies are on this list, shame on you!

8.  Parties!- Not that anyone ever invites me.  (hint, hint)

9.  Pictures-  I’ll take pictures of anything, as anyone who’s been anywhere with me can attest.  I love to take pictures of people, animals, signs, nature.  Basically, anything that catches my eye.

10.  Pride and Prejudice- Probably the best book ever.  I’ve read it (or at least parts of it) more times than I can count.  It’s one of the few books I have in electronic format, because if I don’t have a printed book with me, I can start at any point in that book and enjoy!

11.  Possibilities- This isn’t me groping for something to write about… see, I already did 10.  I really do love possibilities.  I often say that one of the best things about a vacation is planning for it, running through the possibilities.  Before you’ve done something, anything is possible.  You really do just have to believe.  (Unless it’s something like believing you don’t have to pay taxes.  Unfortunately you really do have to do that, at least here in the US.)

12.  Plaid-  Just kidding.  Don’t wear this.  Ever.  Especially plaid shorts.  A plaid skirt is okay if you’re Catholic.  And still in school.  Or if you’re attending an 80’s party and want to be really retro.  Otherwise, just burn all the plaid.

13.  Pac Man- I don’t care what’s come out since then.  Pac Man is still one of the best games ever.

14.  Paychecks- I don’t actually get mine in check form, but that doesn’t diminish the love.

15.  Painting- Though I can’t draw if my life depended on it (even my stick figures are pathetic), I love to paint, and am pretty good at it.  At least, when I’m painting ceramics.  I love painting cutesy things bright colors.  It makes me feel like I’m creating something.

So folks, that brings this blog post to a close.  If you’ve got other awesome things that start with a “P,” today is the day to share!

PS- After writing this entire post, I realized that my original intention was to blog about PostSecret.  If you don’t know what it is, it’s a really awesome art project in which people send in “secrets” on postcards.  Check it out here: www.postsecret.com.  It updates on Sundays.

2 comments on “P is for Popcorn

  1. Hahaha had to laugh as I never wear plaid either. And I do love popcorn. Great post and still laughing.

  2. Damyanti says:

    Of all the Ps, I love popcorn, especially when it is caramel.
    Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 17 days already!
    –Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

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