The Innocuous-Looking Cactus

Cacti are never innocent.  Some cacti are pretty honest about what they are, with huge pointy needles that HURT if you get too close.  Those little barrel cactuses not only gouge you, they cause red ouchie marks for hours afterward.

Some cacti look cute and innocent, like the kind that appear “fuzzy.”  They’re not.

I did everything on my to do list today, except weeding the backyard.  I started to.  As you can imagine, this is not my first time weeding my backyard.  I “learned” from past experience not to lean up against the friendly looking cactus.  It doesn’t hurt at first, which is what makes it so annoying.  At first, it doesn’t feel like anything at all as the cactus transfers hundreds of tiny little needles into your flesh.  It’s only later, when you touch the area that it hurts.  It’s not terrible pain either, mostly just irritating.

I searched online for how to get the little spines out of flesh, and one website said duck tape, which sounds great but didn’t work for me.  I had to go at it with tweezers, and since some of them were on my side… let’s just say I need to get back to doing yoga.

So please remember: cacti are not domesticated.  No matter how cute they are, they will hurt you!  Enjoy them from a distance, please!


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