A Polka Dotted House

(AP Photo/Grand Forks Herald, Eric Hylden)

(AP Photo/Grand Forks Herald, Eric Hylden)

A man in Grand Forks recently painted his house with polka dots.  He didn’t break any laws, but of course, his neighbors and the city are complaining, calling this totally cook paint job an “eyesore.”

When did we become so conservative as a society that we get bent over how someone else paints their private residence?  I have an HOA (Homeowners Association, who tells you what the outside of your home has to look like and monitors it).  On one hand, I like the HOA.  People aren’t allowed to let their yards get weedy or overgrown.  They’re supposed to keep outside lights on at night.  On the other hand, I hate them with a passion.  I’m supposed to have a minimum of 11 plants in my yard.  Eleven.  Who came up with that number?

Personally, I think the polka dotted house is cool.  I think the couple who let an advertising company paint their house green and put up a billboard found a creative solution to the bad economy.  And honestly, I think styrofoam alligators on your lawn are kind of cool.

I get it.  Neighbors worry about property values, and maybe if they were my neighbors, I’d feel differently.  At this point though, reading the articles, I wonder about all the fuss.  They weren’t hurting anyone.  There were no health or safety hazards, so who cares?

Live and let live, I say.  What do you think?

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