Batman Begins

by The TV Guy

The sci-fi genre has never been one of my primary go to viewing choices. This week I sat down and watched Batman Begins. This 2005 take on the comic that became a TV show that evolved into a series of blockbuster movies was quite good. I always have looked at this genre as too simple or trite in its story telling. Well, I was wrong and can accept that I may have missed out on plenty of good movies for no good reason.

The story was solid and kept me interested for the entire time. The story is of the creation of Batman and what Bruce Wayne went through to create the crime fighting character. After the murder of his parents Wayne drops out of society and moves to Asia to learn to fight evil. Β After he was declared dead he returns to revenge his family and clean up the corruption of Gotham.

I am currently looking for other sci-fi /superhero movies to indulge in and looking forward to it.


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