Friday writing prompt: Warm & Tasty Memories

I don’t care who you are; food has played an important role at some time in your life. We all have memories about food… What was served at holidays… Birthdays… Funerals. School lunches and forbidden snacks.

In my case, I didn’t realize how some of the normal things I grew up eating aren’t “normal” for everyone. In my pre-vegetarian days, I loved cream chipped beef on toast. It’s this delicious gloppy mess of chipped beef in a milk gravy. When I moved to Arizona, it wasn’t available on the menu. Anytime I go back toPA, I have to have it at least once.

Diners played a huge part in my childhood. My grandfather always managed various diners, and my parents helped out on weekends. I grew up sitting at the counter. Even now, I love the smell of diner grease, and the delicious food reminds me of home.

Birthdays were great. I always wanted fried chicken, homemade by mom. She didn’t make this treat often as making it from scratch is time consuming and messy, but I got to pick what I wanted once a year. My birthday is in August, so I usually got an ice cream cake, which we frequently ended up throwing at one another outside.

My best friend’s mother liked to serve Lima beans and brussels sprouts in the same meal. I love Lima beans but hate brussels sprouts; my best friend is the exact opposite. We always traded veggies when her mom wasn’t looking.

I could go on and on about food memories… The point is that I have a lot of good family memories. So, on to today’s writing prompt! If you’re journaling, write about one (or several) food memories you have. They could be positive or negative, but if you’re going to write a negative one, please try to do a positive one for balance.

If you’re writing fiction, make up a food memory for your character. Food memories can be a good way of showing family, attitudes, and culture.

Happy writing!



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