Friday Writing Prompt- A Few Of My Favorite Things

Growing up, the Sound of Music was one of my all time favorite movies.  I thought Julie Andrews was the coolest and prettiest woman ever.  I can still sing most of the songs and often do burst into random song.

Today’s writing prompt is about your favorite things.  I focus on a lot of dark, dismal, and absurd on today’s blog, so I thought we could use some puppies and rainbows.  Make a list of your (or your character’s) favorite things.  You can expand on what these things mean to you (or your character), or just leave it as a list.  It’s meant to be a random list of things that make you (or your character) happy.  It can vary from little things like that first cup of coffee in the morning to big things like family.  Try to be specific, and find at least ten.

These are a few of my favorite things:

1.  Rainbows- No, seriously.  I love rainbows.  We seem to get a lot of them here in Phoenix, my guess is because it’s always sunny, even right after it rains.

2.  Riding in my convertible with the top down and music blaring- Preferably something like Nirvana or Garbage.  Yeah, yeah, I know Kurt Cobain killed himself, but how can anyone be sad when “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is blasting?

3.  Fireworks-  They’re pretty, they’re bright, and they’re up against a night sky.  I love huge fireworks displays, and in the summer, I’m lucky enough to see one most weekends.  My main office is near the baseball stadium, and after a game, which happens to coincide with when I’m getting done work, they shoot off fireworks.

4.  Old books- I don’t just mean really old books, like 100 years, I mean worn out books that have been well-loved.  I was in Fossil the other day, looking at purses, and I saw a display of old looking books with the covers ripped off.  I asked about them, and the salesclerk said they ripped the covers off to give the store character.  *shudder*  I like books that have come by their old-ness honestly.

5.  My family- This includes my husband, my parents, my close friends, and my dogs and cats.  It’s great to be surrounded by love.

My mom was not happy when I painted a smiley face on her toe, and then took a picture!

6.  Pictures- Old ones, new ones, snapshots, posed photos, black and white, faded, color… I love them all!

7.  Flowers-  The brighter, the better.  I love the English garden look where everything id jumbled together in a riotous tangle.

8.  Philosophy- There’s nothing I love more than having philosophical discussions on all sorts of taboo topics, with someone who doesn’t get upset or angry when our opinions disagree.

9. Being creative- Writing, painting, taking photos, whatever the creative medium, I love it.  (I just wish I could draw… even my stick figures mock me.)

10.  Painted toenails- I’m not much for painting my fingernails as they chip pretty quickly, but I love painting my toenails all sorts of crazy colors.  It’s like a happy secret hidden in my shoes!

One comment on “Friday Writing Prompt- A Few Of My Favorite Things

  1. Ramona says:

    I love rainbows too. I’d never seen so many before I moved to Montana. Sometimes in the summer I’ll see several in a week. I run outside & take photos every time I see one!

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