Mall Sitting

Last night, my partner and I had a few minutes between calls and went to get some frozen yogurt at the mall.  This mall has an indoor part like a traditional mall, then an outside portion as are common in Arizona.  We sat in our van in the parking lot like a couple of stalkers and watched the foot traffic.

Women in stilettos tottered in to eat frozen yogurt and shop for designer lampshades while pulling down their dresses to make sure they just covered their modesty.  Men in jeans and untucked button down shirts walked beside them, one hand just hovering near their elbows.

I can honestly say that I’ve never gone to a mall in heels of any description.  I did realize, however, that a mall would be a great place to hide during the zombie apocalypse.  I know that was done in Dawn of the Dead, but malls and technology have come a long way since 1978.

My partner last night was not my regular partner, and I thought she took my psychotic musings rather well.  Of course, she said that her 14 year old son often talks about the zombie apocalypse.  Zombies are in and cool right now.  I can’t imagine that they’ll ever be sexy the way vampires are.  I’m not sure when vampires became sexy (I sense a future blog entry…), but I imagine prior to that happening, no one saw that coming either.

So, what do you think of mall watching?  What do you think of the whole zombies craze?

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