Dark Shadows


by The TV Guy

Tim Burton has re-imagined the late 60’s early 70’s soap opera Dark Shadows. The movie was layered with grandiosity and color and the cinematography was classic Tim Burton. With all that said the viewer was never in a position to truly care about the characters.

Barnabas Collins, played by Johnny Depp, the 200 plus year old vampire and patriarch of the Collins family was inadvertently released from his casket. Placed there centuries before by a witch, he has been resurrected in 1972 to bring his fallen family back to prominence.

The movie was not what anyone was really expecting. It just fell short with the characters and the story was just flat. As a fan of Burton and Depp I wanted to enjoy this movie. All the funny parts were in the commercials, never a good sign. Not worth your time or money…


2 comments on “Dark Shadows

  1. cheryl says:

    I was so disappointed to hear this because I was one of those kids who ran home after school to see Barnabas and later Quentin Collins with his cool sideburns and his Oscar Wilde storyline. The show was seriously Jane Eyre gothic over the top with references ot Edgar Allen Poe and the like.

  2. I never saw the soap opera series “Dark Shadows” but am very impressed that there was a series about vampires so many decades ago. My mom, grandmother and aunts watched it faithfully until it went off the air. I think it’d be nice if they brought back the old show for a little while.
    I think it was well ahead of its time.

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