That’s Not Funny!

There’s a short story contest I’m interested in entering, but there’s a problem.  The theme is humor, and anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really have a sense of humor.  Sure, I can be funny.  When I don’t mean to be.

I’ve been trying to brainstorm what’s funny to see if I can find something to write about for the contest.  I don’t like that much comedy, so I listed what funny shows and books I do like:  Big Bang Theory, South Park, Bulls**t, books by Christopher Moore, and books by Augusten Burroughs.  Yes, that’s really all.

Every once in awhile, I try to write outside my comfort zone to try to expand my creativity.  Even if I wrote something terrible, I’d still want to try.  The only problem is that I’m drawing a complete blank for what I might write.  Nothing comes to mind that might be even remotely funny.  I thought about trying to do a bit of funny horror, but again, no ideas.

I’m going to keep thinking about it though, all the way up to the deadline.  Who knows?  Something funny might pop into my head.  I just worry about whether or not I’d recognize a funny idea if it bit me on my nose.


2 comments on “That’s Not Funny!

  1. meltontrip says:

    Continue this as your story. It is very funny! 🙂

    • doreeweller says:

      Thank you, but this was exactly what I was talking about! I wasn’t trying to be funny here. I was thinking about writing a story about a woman who goes on a quest to find her sense of humor… what do you think?

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