Hot Enough For You?

Arizona is not the place to go if you want to spend a lot of time outside in the summer.  The longer you’re here, the more you get used to it.  I wouldn’t say we’re stuck inside all summer, just that smart people do stuff outside in the early morning or in the shade.

My friend and I went hiking a few weeks ago.  As we were walking, a ranger passed us and asked us if we were the ones who got dehydrated.  My friend held up the gallon jug he carries.  I said we were fine but didn’t bother to point to my Camelbak, a backpack with a large bladder on it for me and my dog.  He thanked us and went on his way, and we laughed a little about people who don’t know about Arizona hiking.

When I first moved here, I had constant headaches until I learned that in AZ, you always drink twice as much water as you think you want.  Another friend visited from PA, an experienced hiker, and went hiking alone in the Superstition Mountains one day.  When he came back, he said that he hadn’t taken enough water because he had his water filtration kit, but there were no streams or pools anywhere!

The forecast today is a balmy 100 degrees, and I’m heading out to hike later today. I’ll take plenty of water and wear a hat.  And I’ll have a great time!

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