The Witness- Book Review

The Witness is the newest standalone novel by Nora Roberts, released in April this year.  It’s got all the typical Nora Roberts’ good stuff: strong characters, romance, and an interesting plot.  This one is going on my favorites shelf.  I really loved the main character, Elizabeth Finch.  She’s rich, brilliant, and was raised in an emotionally impoverished environment.  When she’s 16, she goes through a brief rebellion that sets off a chain of events ending in a friend’s death and puts her on the run.

If you’ve read any romance novel in the past, what I’m about to say is not a spoiler… Years later, she meets a man.  She’s shy and socially awkward, and the story is as much about the chain of events and their relationship as it is about her self-awakening.

If you’re a Nora Roberts fan, or even if you just like a little action mixed in your romance, I highly recommend this one.  Two thumbs way up!


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