5 Reasons Why Life Should Be More Like Reading

1.  You can put it down anytime you want to and pick it up again when you’re ready.  Ever wish you could just stop a moment in time?  If life were more like reading, you could stop it and give yourself a moment to mull it over, think about it, and then start again.

2.  You can skip to the end if you really want to.  I’ve never done this, though in certain cases it was hard!  But I know that the ending is there if I want to read it first.

3.  You pretty much always know what you’re getting into.  Pick up a romance novel, and it will have a happily ever after ending.  Pick up a murder mystery, and the hero will find the bad guy.  Problems are usually solved, and if they’re not solved in Book 1, there will probably be a sequel.

4.  If you get bored with a novel, you can just put it down and pick up another one.  Where in real life can you just quit if you’re bored?  I’m too fond of paychecks and such to do that.

5.  It never costs more than $20 to go anywhere in the world.  For a small price (less if I get it from the library), I can travel anywhere, see anything, meet anyone.  There’s no danger and I don’t’ have to get any special shots before I travel.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

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