Foods of the Future

Yes, that’s rattlesnake meat. It wasn’t bad.

I recently started re-reading the Little House on the Prairie books.  I probably haven’t read them since I was little, and I’m not sure I read them all back then.  One of the parts of the book I find intriguing is Laura’s descriptions of the food they ate and how it was prepared.  I’ve heard of head cheese before, but didn’t actually know what it was.  Ew.  They ate beef back then, but do you think any of them could have dreamed up a hamburger?

I read an interesting article predicting food trends of the future.  This is actually something I’m curious about, both as a writer and as someone who takes environmental issues seriously.  Will people start eating less meat in the future?  Or will people find a way to continue their current diets?  Will certain foods we consider staples go up in price?  Will we be eating any unfamiliar foods in 50 years?

This article only talks about five predicted food trends, but I learned something.  For instance, did you know they can grow meat in a laboratory now?  I’m not talking about the whole animal… just the meat.  Ew.  But it’s definitely worth reading.

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