Interview with Jeff Lindsay

I’m a big fan of the series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, by Jeff Lindsay.  I love the Showtime version of Dexter as well, but there are certain elements of the books that the show just can’t top.  Centurion Agency recently interviewed him about Dexter, where Dexter emerged from, and his possible future.

In the article, the author says that he didn’t expect anyone to like the book.  Dexter has taken on the persona of almost a lovable character, which is interesting, as he really isn’t.  He’s a serial killer.  Yet how many people haven’t fantasized about killing the rude, the mean, and those who’ve escaped justice?  I have to admit, I cheered for Hannibal Lecter too.  He’s not a good guy by any means, but he does have rules he lives by.  Hannibal Lecter only eats the rude.  Dexter only kills bad people.  I don’t recommend becoming a serial killer to purge the world, but in fiction, it definitely has its strong points.

Check out this very interesting article.

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