Starting from Square Two- A review

I read a great “new” book recently, Starting from Square Two, by Caren Lissner.  The book is primarily about Gert, who’s husband died about a year and a half ago.  Her well-meaning friends push her into dating again, and Gert, who always thought she had all the answers about relationships and grief, starts to question her own knowledge.

This is a good, realistic view of the grief process.  Gert has many of the same reactions and concerns that women going through grief counseling do.  Her friends aren’t perfect, but they seem to mean well.  I don’t mean to give the idea that this book is depressing; far from it.  This book was a lot of fun and there’s some romance tossed in there.  If you like books about “real” life but want a happy ending, this is worth a read.  I’m definitely going to be checking out other books by Caren Lissner.  For writers, if you want some good general tips, she has a link on her page and writes some advice worth reading.

Happy reading!


2 comments on “Starting from Square Two- A review

  1. Reader says:

    Awww, thanks! It’s been a while since anyone reviewed Starting from Square Two. I’m so glad you liked it!

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