Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

As a writer, I think of myself as a pretty creative person.  One place I lack is in the “visual” realm.  I don’t do well at setting the scene.  I love art, drawing and painting.  Unfortunately, my drawing looks like it was done by a 2nd grader.  Even my stick figures don’t look polished.  It’s too bad because my grandmother was a pretty good artist.  She drew and painted, but I didn’t inherit that gene.

When my husband and I visited LA, we went on the Warner Brothers studio tour.  One of my favorite parts was the tour through the prop rooms.  I snapped a bunch of pictures, thinking that when I write a story, I can reference the prop room.  That’s one of the reason I take so many pictures of random things.  My pictures are my own personal prop room, so that when I’m writing a story, I can more easily set the scene if I have something to refer to.

(It was either post about the prop room or post yet another picture of my garden.  You’re welcome.)


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