Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreams

Blackfoot Indians believe that butterflies bring dreams to us in our sleep.  I think that’s a perfect metaphor for dreaming: being kissed by a butterfly.  Northern Europeans believed that dreams came from your soul-butterfly wandering around other worlds.

No matter what brings us dreams, if it’s butterflies or something much less interesting, like brain chemistry, I chose a butterfly picture for this photo challenge.  Here in Phoenix, the Desert Botanical Gardens has a butterfly exhibit in the winter months, and two years ago, a friend visited me.  Butterflies were everywhere, and I got this shot of two butterflies sharing a flower.

I wanted to share this poem.  I came across it, and the timing seemed fortuitous.

A Boat, Beneath a Sunny Sky
by Lewis Carroll

A boat, beneath a sunny sky
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July—

Children three that nestle near,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Pleased a simple tale to hear—

Long has paled that sunny sky:
Echoes fade and memories die:
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream—
Lingering in the golden gleam—
Life, what is it but a dream?

Happy Writing… and happy dreaming…


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