I came across this link for the World Bodypainting Festival, and wow!  I’ve seen body paint done before.  Anyone who’s seen X-men knows that artists can do amazing things with paint and the human body.  Still, many of these surprised me.  Looking at these pictures, I thought how useful they could be for sci-fi writers to use some of these images as inspiration.

I admire and even envy the artists who came up with these designs.  I’ve always wished I could be more of a visual artist and do a better job with describing things, drawing, etc.  I took art classes in high school, and most of my stuff looked like it came out of elementary school.  I have friends who draw, and their hands look so fluid and graceful when they sketch.  These just aren’t things that come naturally to me.

That’s why I collect images and links to all sorts of interesting things.  I know that if I ever need inspiration, there will be artists out there who’ve had the vision I lack.

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