Saying Goodbye

by The TV Guy

This week marked the end of a relationship that was once strong. I was once a believer in the teachings and the dogma of this once bright star in the sky. The failures, excuses and deception became too much, so I had to make a new choice. To break the shackles, and free myself from a corrupt system that had stolen from me. I steadied myself as I made my way to a non descript kiosk in the mall and there I was given the information that would lead me to a new understanding and a return to the bliss I had once known, dare I say, I again would have confidence and be satisfied. My contact, Charity, explained the plan for the transition; I have to admit I was nervous and a bit concerned. Could I really leave? Could I finally be free? The answer was yes an emphatic yes!

Two days later I became a DirectTV customer!

So far so good, the picture quality is actually better for both the HD and standard stations. The cost is quite a bit cheaper and the number of stations has gone up substantially.  So far, my bid for freedom has been a success.


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