50 Shades of Grey: Book Review

I’m going to make a confession.  I fully intended to dislike this book  I figured that I’d read a chapter or two, just enough to be able to blog about it, and then put it down and never look at it again.

I really, really liked it.

I kept referring to this book as “the bondage book,” and yeah, there’s bondage.  In my opinion, though, that’s not what the book is about.  It’s a romance novel between two complicated characters.  Our main character, Ana, is a pretty typical romance novel heroine.  She’s beautiful but doesn’t know it.  Virginal but waiting to be awakened.  Smart in her own right, not impressed by how rich our hero is.

It’s the hero of this story, Christian Grey, that makes this story.  He’s complicated with a dark past that he doesn’t want anyone to know about.  If he wants to keep Ana, he has to break some of his own rules.  It’s a three book series, and I devoured them.  I liked the second book best out of the series, but all of them are worth owning.

If you like romance novels and have an open mind, this is a very good read.  I should learn by now that whenever I resist popular books, I’m wrong.  I did the same thing with Harry Potter, Twilight, and The Hunger Games.  You’d really think I’d learn…

50 Shades of Grey by EL James is a definite winner.  Two thumbs up.


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