Friday Writing Prompt: 5 Senses

We use our 5 senses every day to perceive the world: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. In writing, most writers struggle to engage all their senses. As writers, we show or tell about sight and sound but miss some of the other things we register without much thought. Is the room hot, cold, or comfortable? Are there any odors in the air, pleasant or unpleasant? Less common, but still a legitimate question: does the air have a flavor?

So, for today’s writing prompt. Write about what a day would be like for your (or your character) if you lacked one of these senses. Don’t go for one of the easy ones like sight or sound, but try to imagine lack of taste, touch, or smell. What would the absence of these things mean for you (or your character)? Then, if you’re up for an extra challenge, write about a day or scene paying extra close attention to one or more sense. Instead of talking about what you or your character see or hear, pay attention to smell, taste, or touch, and how these things change as you (or your character) move through the day.

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