I know some people don’t really care for the rain, but I love it.  Some people don’t like going out in the rain, but I don’t mind getting wet, especially if it’s not cold out.

The other night, my friend and I were out walking, and it started spitting a little bit.  We decided to continue walking.  Most days we do three or four miles, and we were at our halfway point when the sky opened up.  I didn’t mind the rain so much, but it really stung my skin.  It came down hard!

I predicted that it would stop raining as I got home, and as expected, a half mile from home, it stopped.  I honestly didn’t mind though.  It was 97 degrees out, so the rain felt really good.  Some of the best times I’ve ever had have been in the rain.

Once, a friend and I were playing miniature golf, and an unexpected thunderstorm hit.  Instead of taking cover, I took off my shoes and we played through.  The cashier probably thought we were nuts, and to be honest, metal golf clubs, an exposed area, and lightning probably wasn’t the safest combination… but it was most fun I’ve ever had playing miniature golf!  If not for the storm, I probably would have long since forgotten that game.

Another time, a friend and I went to the Renaissance Fair.  It was about 65 degrees and pouring.  We didn’t have an umbrella or jackets, and we were both freezing and wet all day.  We got good deals though, had mud up to our ankles, and laughed all day.

Life is all about attitude.  You can dance in the rain or run for cover, but either way, you’re probably going to get wet.


One comment on “Rain

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