Door to Hell

In the Karakum Desert, there’s a giant hole that’s been on fire for 41 years.  People call it the Door to Hell, and when you look at the pictures, it certainly looks that way.  In 1971, geologists were drilling and found a pocket of natural gas.  They decided to burn it off, and it’s still burning today.

Amazing and interesting things happen every day, and I love to collect trivia and minutia.  There’s no telling when something like this will trigger an idea for a story.

I hate “regular” news, with reports of crime and cruelty.  I just don’t see anything inspiring or interesting in that.  Some people like to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world, and that’s fine.  I just see enough reality at work and don’t feel like I need to look for reality outside of that.

I do, however, love odd news stories and general celebrity news.  I’m sorry, but I don’t consider most of the things that make headlines for celebrities “real life.”  I mean honestly, most of it reads like a movie or story anyway.

I really took a side trip there, didn’t I?  From the Door to Hell to headlines… hmm… maybe not so odd, after all.  🙂


One comment on “Door to Hell

  1. Greg says:

    a pocket of gas..let’s burn it off. terrific.

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